Taylor Elder Care

Wendy Taylor, MSW

Taylor Elder Care Management, Sebastopol CA. Wendy Taylor's qualifications include 30 years as a social worker specializing in medical and mental health care, 21 years of experience as a geriatric social worker providing case management and 14 years of experience as a social work mental health case manager.


"There are times in our lives when we face challenging situations and wish we knew the best person possible to assist in our dilemma.   Through family, friends or contacts, valuable time is spent trying to locate professionals and at times, this can be a very trying process.   We experienced a major need in our life; the care of my (Patricia's) elderly parents.  We diligently sought out the highest recommended health care agencies in their area.  After several recommendations, we finally struck gold!  When Wendy Taylor took over their managed care, there was an immediate change of organization and monitoring on all levels received priority attention and immediate follow up.   

As a business, this in itself was the expectation we were seeking, however, we were joyfully surprised when we began to see that we had not only discovered someone who took pride and ownership in her work, but in addition, she also gave the added benefits of an experienced counselor and a partner in any and all challenges with grace, courtesy, empathy and compassion to see only the best outcome in all areas.   Some people do what they do as a job; others as a career, then there are those like Wendy who have a heart and gifting for what they do and really become part of your life.  

We are pleased and honored to endorse Taylor Elder Care Management and Wendy Taylor for any and all eldercare services required and we are grateful for all she has done for us.  You may continue to dig and search for something precious, or you may share in the wealth that we found."

Robert and Patricia P.
IPA Producer, Pastors


"I cannot thank you enough for everything you did for me and my family. Your supportiveness was a huge help to me during a very difficult and dark time."


"You have been a god send to me and my client. I am sure that without your services, he would be back on the street in a major bad way." 

Tom C
Professional Fiduciary

"What Wendy did for me during a major health crisis cleared the way for me to get on Social Security Disability and Medicare.  Her skillful support, caring guidance and facilitation came at a time when I really needed the help, and was at a very low point of functioning dealing with advanced cancer.  I appreciate her care, advocacy and professionalism greatly."


Elaine and Wendy, July 2018

Elaine and Wendy, July 2018


"I reached out to Wendy Taylor because I was getting absolutely nowhere trying to find help and services for a disabled family member. I had been brushed off by every government agency, every social service, and every non-profit that I contacted. Within 24 hours of hiring Wendy, she began to make things happen. She knows the ins and outs of complicated government bureaucracies, and she knows how to get results. Even when posed with a situation new to her (involving a bureaucracy that administers retirement benefits for public employees), she dove in, figured out what needed to be done, found the resources she needed--and succeeded in getting lifetime disability benefits for my family member, even after this same bureaucracy had told me nothing was available.

Throughout, Wendy was supportive, compassionate, and kind. Before I encountered Wendy I was desperate, but once she went to work, I had a strong and indefatigable partner helping me. She is a wealth of information, and shares it freely, which helped me to undertake some of the tasks myself, sparing my budget as much as possible. That being said, she was worth every single penny I spent with her, and not only made life much easier for my relative, but also for me."